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an opportunistic STRATEGY


The rewards of investing in stocks will flow to investors who understand the business underlying the stock, the people running the business, it’s avoidable risks, and how much each share is worth. 

At Cook Capital Management, our goal is to invest in the stocks of companies that can sustainably outperform their competition in their respective industries. Once these companies are identified, we wait patiently for opportunities to invest in the stock at a price that will offer an attractive return.

In the long run, our investors can be rewarded by our lower risk and higher potential return approach.


Our long-term investment strategy resonates with long term investors like retirees, retirement savers, business owners, and non-profit organizations. 

Any good long-term investment needs to have a plan for the future. Cook Capital has over twelve years of experience in retirement planning and works closely with estate planners to make sure your assets are secure for this and future generations.



Allocation is important

Cook Capital is an Investment Management firm focused on investing in US stocks on client’s behalf. US stocks have been the best performing asset class over the long term, and we believe that will continue for generations.

Fees matter

By directly investing in stocks, we cut out the middleman. Many advisors allocate client investments into mutual funds or ETF’s, which charge fees in addition to their management fee. Those additional expenses add up quickly. An additional one percent expense paid on a $100,000 investment that earns 10% over 25 years, will wipe out about $175,000 of your money!

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Taxes are in your control

For taxable investors, individual stocks give investors optionality. Combined with our long-term focus, you have control over when to realize and when to defer capital gains.

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